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HERA Mission Kindness Bags in Support of Asembo Bay


For $25 you can purchase a Kindness Bag to be donated to a child in Asembo Bay, Kenya. These Kindness Bags include a HERA doll and an African-themed Barefoot Book. You can also write a short message in the comments and we will print it out and include it in the Kindness Bag.

The Kindness Bags were made by some fantastic, world-changing girls. The bags are made out of old t-shirts. The girls cut off the sleeves, cut around the neck to make the opening for the bag, and stitched up the bottom of the t-shirt. Each girl then wrote a note for the child in Asembo Bay. These Kindness Bags are really durable and easy to clean and will make great tote bags for the children in Asembo Bay - and they are made from recycled material, so you can feel good about the fact that you are also being kind to our planet!

The dolls are made by Elaine Spratt, our wonderful volunteer and sponsor of a girl to school.


There is so much goodness to this purchase - donating a Kindness Bag to a child in Asembo Bay, Kenya will definitely make your heart feel full!

Contact HERA Mission to purchase and donate your Kindness Bag!

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