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HERA Mission has been fortunate enough to count on some devoted friends generously involved in our multiple fundraising initiatives.

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Jennifer Clark

Having worked in the business community for 15 years, she could sense a flow or energy around successful people and knew that there was something more to creating opportunity and good luck.  As an avid student of the millionaire mind, she has actively studied successful people and their habits.The Law of Attraction that business guru Napoleon Hill first wrote about in Think And Grow Rich says that what we focus on becomes reality. Jennifer Clark quickly became fascinated with the world of energy around her and how it created the results of her experience.


Lisa J. Weiss

Founder, I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting, Lisa is an Evolutionary Alchemist, Speaker and Inspired Living Coach. She has spent over 20 years helping individuals connect and communicate more effectively with one another in the private and public sectors.

Creator of the LeaderSELF Coaching Circle™, and CONNECT™ Program for Men, Lisa works with successful career individuals who feel misunderstood, unheard and unseen who are seeking to reconnect with their loved ones. She helps them to engage and express their vulnerability and reframe their thought processes which results in being empowered to create more meaningful relationships.

Sandra Cantana.jpg

Sandra Catana


Sandra Catana has over 25 years of experience in high tech, most recently she was the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Rewind, a cloud data backup company. Prior to Rewind, Sandra spent a decade at TITUS where she was Vice President of Marketing. She has also held senior leadership positions at Chrysalis-ITS and Corel Corporation. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and is fluent in 3 languages. Her outside interests revolve around her 3 sons, hockey, travel and lake time. For over 15 years she has fostered girls in Uganda, Africa and at Rewind, she leads the company’s charity and volunteer programs.


Liisa Vexler

Liisa is the co-founder of Ausome and has been executive director since its inception in 2015.

Prior to Ausome, she spent 15 years working in health research and communications. Liisa has a B.Ed. in physical education and an M.A. in exercise physiology. When not watching her kids play one sport or another, Liisa enjoys practicing yoga, running, reading or planning her family’s next adventure

Dr Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez.jpg

Dr.Yasmilde R Gonzalez

Dr Yasmilde is the founder of a Healer and a Meditation Coach with over 30 years of combined training and experience as a Scientist in the field of biological sciences. She holds a PhD degree in Neuroscience preceded by 3 other scientific degrees; with experience in research relevant to Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease.


Her own self-healing journey led her to re-discover herself as a Healer and shifted her world paradigm into an ‘energetic’ one (quantum won!). After intense training in the fields of meditation and energy healing, she embodies a combination of those teachings, spiced with her own personal flavors and scientific training.


She founded EQUALLIBRIUM with the vision of helping people that are serving humanity who are determined to heal their own personal life issues and become more balanced and efficient at finding and living their purpose.


Fiona K.

My name is Fiona, I created ānāyā arts from a space of fear; a fear of exposure.

But as the saying goes,


"God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear."

So here we are.

ānāyā arts is about creative self expression through images & words that depict & speak for black culture.

I hope something resonates with you or simply inspires you to create ārt.

ānāyā |uh-nah-yuh| noun.

  • A Nigerian (Igbo) name meaning look up to God.


Donna Henhoeffer

Donna created Edible Elixirs after a 30 year career as a professional chef and event planner where she observed how people mindlessly consumed food. In changing the way she fed herself after healing from a chronic illness, Donna now focuses her energy to nurture the food conscious through play. As a culinary artist and alchemist now, she shares the Future of Eating by merging the art of sensual pleasure with modern science that goes beyond diet and nutrition and brings food to life as the multisensory experience it is intended. Food is love and food is thy medicine when we understand the depth and ecstasy food brings to our body, mind and spirit connection.  


Whether you meet her inside or outside the kitchen she has a dynamic and interactive magnetic quality as she infuses joy in all her interactions. If you are ready to change your relationship with food forever, you will want to connect with Donna. Come curious as you learn the power of creating your own edible elixirs, one bite at a time.

Jolene hung.jpg

Jolene Hung

Jolene Hung is a consultant who has been working in the financial industry since 1996. She has held numerous banking positions, including branch manager and investment advisor. She has a child with special abilities, which means she feels strongly about helping other families in similar situations. Jolene empowers women in business and promotes financial literacy through workshops and seminars. Jolene is often a featured speaker and is fluent in English and Mandarin.

WorldChangingKids_001MHighRes (1).jpg

Lindsey Barr,

World-Changing Kids is a social enterprise dedicated to leadership development and community building.


We empower children to believe that they have the power to change the world for the better now and in the future.


We have a suite of products and programs that include our:

* book, "Plant a Garden of Kindness", with 75 Acts of Kindness kids can complete in their community;

* Year of Kindness for Schools Program;

* annual Kids Love Peace festival in Heatherington Park; and

* Family Social Justice Club Workshops.


Join us in our movement to raise a generation of confident, passionate, engaged leaders and decision makers:



Mariette Hermann


Mariette is the creator and facilitator of Magikmala co-creation workshops and jewelry.


The brain child of this organisation did not come about by pure chance but has been a long and exciting road of student and Spiritual teacher education since 2005.


Mariette has been fortunate to attract various spiritual teachers to educate her in the ancient way of the ‘old/unseen’ world for more than a decade. Her travels and teachings have taken her to countries such as Ireland, UAE, England, South Africa, Canada and many more.


Her sincere wish for every person that she comes into contact with is to teach them the flow of the universe and how to move from being stuck to being fluid.


This is your chance to create that one timely piece, infused with your intention, a touch of the ancient guided to a new step towards YOUR greatness.

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