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HERA Mission of Canada is non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and improving the lives of the of Asembo Bay (Kenya) community by improving access to education, food security and  economic development. 

HERA means love in the tribal language of Luo, the language spoken in Nyanza Province in Western Kenya.

Asembo Bay Women for Development was founded in January 2006 by a group of women, in a rural village in Kenya, who were determined to stop the devastation of HIV on their families and communities, this group of women decided that they needed to organize themselves and learn the skills to change their community.

We collaborate with, take direction from and fundraise for Asembo Bay Women for Development, a group of women leaders in the village of Asembo Bay who have been committed to building greater prosperity and opportunities for orphaned children, widows and the elderly.

The members of Asembo Bay Women for Development include six Kenyan and two Canadian women. The group is highly respected for its accomplishments in the community and are frequently asked to represent the community in planning and development initiatives.

Originally hoping to develop accessible health care services, the women quickly realized that the risk of contracting HIV and the ability to live, once infected, were directly tied to education, employment and food security.

Since their inception, the scope of development activities has grown from very modest beginnings to include promotion of safe motherhood, elimination of child labour and promotion of women's rights. The women are volunteers and receive no remuneration which is actually quite unusual in Kenya. The women all pay monthly dues which are used to support costs of orphan care.

Make a difference with HERA and support our effort to empower the community of Asembo Bay.

"No individual alone or single organization can solve the world's problem, but if we each play a role, together we can change to the world."

Peggy Taillon

HERA Mission Founder