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Amazing Wine to celebrate Amazing People

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By Trevor Pritchard, CBC News

Kyle Slingerland knows his chances of becoming an Olympian one day just got a little bit better.

"Yeah, honestly, it's definitely something to work for. It's just another sport that you can make it at," said the 14-year-old Ottawa basketball player before stepping onto the Lansdowne Park courts Sunday for a game of 3-on-3.

Slingerland was one of hundreds of players, young and old, who showed off their crossovers and fadeaways at the day-long tournament organized by local charities Ausome Ottawa and Hera Mission.

The tournament comes at a fortuitous time for fans of the fast-paced, free-flowing sport: In mid-June, the International Olympic Committee added 3-on-3 basketball to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic program in an attempt to give the games a more youthful appeal.


What to expect in your glass…

Amazing Wine Chardonnay VQA 2014
Delicious tastes of apple, pear and warm spices fill the glass. Aged in French oak barrels to create a medium bodied smooth and crisp wine that will complement many foods from roasted chicken to a seafood feast… or simply enjoyed while unwinding with friends.

Amazing Wine Cabernet Franc VQA 2013
Stunning red in colour with juicy tastes of red plums, raspberry and blackberry laced with a hint of smoke and ground pepper. This is a medium bodied wine ready for anything off the BBQ, gourmet pizza, hearty stew…or open when friends drop by.

Make Amazing Wine your house wine

Order an assortment of Amazing Wine to have on hand to serve to your friends. The wine can be pre-ordered & picked up the Château des Charmes wine store in Ottawa – located at 407 Laurier St W. Or have the Amazing Wine delivered to your home, office…or send a friend some bottles as a gift. It is that easy…and amazing!

To order your bottle(s) of wine, visit Savvy's order form page.

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