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Peggy Taillon announced as part of the live speaker line-up



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from TEDxTheGlebeWomen

With just under a month until the big day, the organizing team behind TEDxTheGlebeWomen is excited to announce the lineup of their live speakers.

Ranging from community activist to student, from well established to new to the community this group of five women promises to bring a unique perspective to the TEDxTheGlebeWomen stage.

“We are incredibly proud, grateful, and passionate about this group of speakers. We are so honoured to have them join us on this journey,” shares Director of Marketing and Communications, Alyssa Comstock. Comstock continues, “This lineup is such a representation of this community and Nation. Both well-known and relatively new to the scene, both young and old, and from all kinds of life experiences.”

After a lengthy nomination/application process that resulted in 22 names, the TEDxTheGlebeWomen organizing team took their shortlisted speakers through an intensive interview process.

“For us, this interview process was about learning about the woman that sat in front of us. Not about their titles or lists of organizations or past speaking engagements. We asked to hear a part of their story, to learn about the impact, the power, and the importance of tiny ripples in their lives,” explains Comstock. “At this point, we are focusing on that – the humanity – more than on the topics.”

Set to happen on Friday, May 29, 2015 at the Canadian Museum of Nature, all speakers, performances, and demos will be rooted in the theme: tiny ripples.

Set to bring together local audience members representing all sectors of the city and nation, favourite TED talks, sections of the live TEDWomen webcast this incredible event will feature the following five live speakers.


Andrea Hogue Reynolds: A woman, a feminist, a parent, and a partner, Andrea brings her positive energy and spunk to the stage.

“We were humbled to be a witness to Andrea’s beautiful, courageous journey to balance amongst her multiple identities. And what she wasn’t even aware of, is the grace, the courage, and the quiet strength that she shared so openly,” shares Comstock.


Sarika Mathur: A grade 11 student at Trafalgar Castle School in Whitby, Sarika is set to bring her unique perspectives, passion, and generous spirit to the stage.

“Sarika has this infectious passion and energy that we couldn’t help but smile at,” identifies Comstock. She continues, “Sarika has this very real grasp on the world around her, on the issues that she is passionate about, and where she is headed.”


Manjit Basi: A dynamic and engaging community builder in both the business and non-governmental sectors, Manjit brings a unique, creative, and passionate perspective to the TEDxTheGlebeWomen stage.

“This incredible aura that surrounds Manjit. Her life experiences, her passions, and her stories are absolutely spell-binding,” states Comstock. “She is so invested in and passionate about building a community that has spaces and places for everyone.”


Peggy Taillon: A passionate advocate for equality and social justice, a dynamic and compelling public speaker, Peggy believes we can create a strong, resilient, and caring nation that values the well-being and contributions of all its citizens.

“Peggy’s generous spirit was quite evident in our interview with her,” shares Comstock. “What she doesn’t know is that in our meeting with her there was this quiet strength and passion that surrounded her that was so engaging.”


Pamela Henry: A passionate, energetic woman who moved to Canada in 2000 to continue to walk her journey with her family, Pamela brings her zest for life and passion for humanity to TEDxTheGlebeWomen

“Pam brings this incredibly unique perspective to our stage. She has this absolute strength of character, this spirit that compels you to sit down and listen, and this joy that is so engaging,” finishes Comstock.

A full lineup for the day, including information regarding streamed content and recorded TED talks will be released within the next week. However, tickets are now on sale at

Event organizers encourage interested community members to get their tickets before they sell out. “Seats are extremely limited,” cautions Comstock. “Unlike many other TEDx events, we have not made our tickets exclusive. We want this event to be open to everyone, to all those interested in having a conversation.”

Event organizers also remind community members, that although the name may suggest that this is a woman-centric event, it is not. All people – men, women, trans* – are needed to allow the conversation to happen.

Community members are invited and encouraged to contribute to the conversation on social media leading up the event using #ripplesofconversation.

About TEDWomen

TEDWomen is a three-day international conference about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. The program of speakers, workshops, events – and daring discussions – has sparked some of TED’s most iconic moments yet. Curated by TED and Pat Mitchell, TEDWomen 2015 will explore the bold issues that create momentum in how we think, live and work today.

TEDxWomen events are TEDx events (where x = independently organized) hosted around the live webcast of TEDWomen, and may also feature live speakers. TEDxTheGlebeWomen, is one of the many events happening around the globe that will expand on the ideas brought up at TEDWomen.

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