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The Challenge

The problem of caring for orphans is ubiquitous in Kenya where the orphan rate is 19%. Our group does not consider orphanages an acceptable way for a community to care for its orphaned children. We believe strongly that children should be raised as part of a family and part of a community who cares for them.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the children feel that they are important and loved, but also improve food security and school attendance.

Our Impact

We review the report cards and school attendance of each child and visit them in their homes with their guardians. In 2006, on average our orphans only attended school three days of the week because of the need to work for food. In 2011, on average, our orphans attend school five days a week. 

We also hold a feeding day once a month. We would like to feed them more often but lack the funds necessary.


Everyone of us can make a difference.

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