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Help Us Respond to a Catastrophic Drought


Dear Friends Amosi (Hello)

Many of you continue to support our efforts as sponsors to our children so that they can attend secondary and post secondary school, something that we believe has been a game changer for 100s of children in the village. Your support also invests in women led business, infrastructure and agricultural projects and of course in many health interventions.

Some of you have joined us in the village as volunteers and have made life long bonds with our incredible Kenyan family. We have called upon you many times for help, and you always respond with compassion and generosity.

Wendy continues to go to Kenya four times a year and always returns inspired by the determination and perseverance of the women leaders and the children in the village. She has reflected that this ehas been one of the hardest in a long time.

Devlin and I are going in the New Year and are hoping to show the village their connection to another special place in the world, Ottawa, is stronger than ever.

Despite the great progress we continue to witness, this has been one of the most challenging years in Asembo Bay, a drought has plagued the region, leaving the women planting seeds waiting for the rainy season that never came. Seeds, that they would have bartered for, a life changing investment now lost in ground that is as hard as cement. As I have said before, climate change hits the most vulnerable the hardest.

And as if that wasn't hard enough, with every drought there is one guarantee --- the cost of commodities, already well out of their reach, will rise leaving them with little to barter and ensuring that they will have to ration and share what little they have.

So yes we are reaching out to you again to help Asembo Bay, and we have a plan: we would like to create an emergency food fund, and food cupboard in the village. We would also like to install another irrigation system in the village and purchase more chickens and goats to strengthen our agricultural programs.

Our goal? $20,000.00 by January, so our children can start a new school year in the best way knowing that their grandmothers and great grandmothers' struggle have been alleviated so that their hope and hard work will keep the village moving forward.

How can you help us?

Make a donation here or or send a cheque to HERA Mission at :

                                 1461 McRobie Ave, Ottawa K1H7E2

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, we are deeply grateful for your consideration and support. You can make a difference, and we promise you will see the impact when we report back.

Erokamano (thank you) once again,

Peggy, Devlin and Auntie Wendy
The Hera Mission of Canada

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