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Devlin Changing Lives through the Love of Sport


10 year old Devlin, HERA Mission’s namesake and inspiration finds his own way to change lives in Asembo Bay Kenya, through his love of sport. Help Devlin build a basketball court at the Primary school in Asembo Bay.

Devlin and Peggy traveled back to Kenya when he was 7, he kept asking…but where so the kids play? Where are the playgrounds and basketball courts? You, Auntie Wendy and the ladies in Asembo are helping with school, health care, employment and other stuff, I am going to help the kids play.


Devlin is passionate about sport, especially basketball, so its only fitting that his first major project would be to build a court at the school for his cousins and friends who he loves in the village.

Help Devlin raise 5000.00 to make his own difference, in his home country.

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